We all know that the private key is the most critical component to manage and control your assets. For all the digital currency users, a private key means ownership, and you can control your corresponding cryptocurrency assets only when you hold the private key. In short, if you lose your private key, you will lose your cryptocurrency assets! This tool can be used to recover funds from "ILC / BTC Wallet" using your mnemonic words and wallet password. It allows you to access private key in order to sweep all the funds from the wallet into any ILCoin address you provide.

The tool runs completely in your browser so your keys never leave your computer. It is possible to download this tool and run directly from your computer if you wish. GitHub Repository. We have developed this designated recovery tool, to make the process easy and seamless for everyone.

Warning: Never share your recovery phrase or private keys with anyone. Anyone who has access to that information can steal your funds without your permission.

Base 2 (0-1) (For 2-sided coin) Base 6 (0-5) (For 6-sided dice) Base 16 (0-9,A-F) (For 16-sided dice) Base 20 (0-9,A-J) (For 20-sided dice)

English Phrase Only

12 words (need >128 bits of Entropy) 24 words (need >256 bits of Entropy)