Create a Key Pair From a File. Turn Any Image, Document or Audio File

This page can be run offline, it is OPEN SOURCE and uses buidl.js an easy to use layer on top of the ILCoinJS library.

Create a key pair using the raw bytes of a file. It's important to be aware that this file should be absolutely unique, such as a photo you took and have never shared and has never been accessible on an internet connected device.

If you intend to use the source file as your back-up (instead of saving the resulting paper wallet or private key) keep in mind any changes to the file (INCLUDING META DATA) will result in a different key pair.

Generating keys from digital files is not a viable short or long-term solution for storing ILCOIN. The author of this project is not held responsible for any lost or stolen ILCOIN. Please USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.