You want to use the ILCoinWalletBot in Your Group? Just add @ILCoinWalletBot to your Telegram group and give it admin rights, then you’re good to go!


Send ILCoin tips to anyone on Telegram. ILCoinWalletBot aims to make sending and receiving crypto easy even for cryptocurrency newbies. Send ILC to users who don't even have a wallet!


Don’t store ILC long-term on your ILCoinWalletBot account, only keep there what you like to use for tipping others. Make sure to store your ILC in wallet you control, like official ILCoin wallet, PlusBit, Zelcore, Vidulum and Hebe.

The ILCoin Wallet Bot is live on Telegram!

Send and receive ILCoin is as easy as writing a message. You only need Telegram, you don't need to install any extra app

No app download required

You only need Telegram, in your phone or even with a browser

Instant payments

Move the money as easy and convenient as an instant message

Quickly withdraw

Withdraw coins from your account to any personal wallet in a click.


Telegram has native clients for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows and web-client for your browser